Find Work Abroad the Conventional Way

Have you read the previous post "how to start a new" and "don't be left behind" to find work abroad! Here is another way to find work abroad the conventional way.

While i prefer the comfort of internet searching still the most effective and successful way is to walk in to recruitment agencies for employment abroad.

Where to find the recruitment agency? It's better to first make a list of job prospect, browse the sunday issues of Inquirer and Manila Bulletin (they have a huge list every sunday) Once you have the list of your prospective jobs. Locate the recruitment office, the ads of this recruitment agency have their address, but first make sure the recruitment agency is accredited by POEA. Yes! its time to visit the office POEA to make sure that the agency is authorized and have not pending suspension cases with POEA. Just fill-up the form for details of the recruitment agency and get the result in just a few minutes. To get the complete details of your agency check out this directory from OFW Guide. This is just a list the official accreditation will come from the result of your inquiry at POEA.

The main purpose while scouting for employment abroad is to not fall victim to illegal recruitment, don't believe word of month or brochures circulating offering high salary, bear in mind that these company importing expat worker want to reduce their work force salary, thus will give less pay for expats. How to avoid this illegal POEA's tip.

One example are our nurses, the principal countries citizens receives four times the salary of our most experience nurses. Can you believe that! (This is not a general statement as others received salary as the countries national born citizen, but the catch is this, that the country giving equally pay empose high taxes). Where will you go! The best is to an entrepreneur to our own country. Return the favor to our mother land!...(period :-)

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