A less 1 (A-1) Pinoy

Been an OFW for almost two years now and i have meet many of our kabayan, that i will never meet back home, why? Because they're working abroad half their lives.

While many still possess the traits of Pinoys to be proud like our cheerfulness, kindness, hospitability and humbleness. Yet there are also many Pinoy contradicting this good character. Worst is they amplified this bad trait. Like crab mentality, gossipy, arrogant and territorial approach to new comers. The "pakikisama" is overrated, it's hard to penetrate in to the barkada if you won't agree to all, disagree to one and the rest will close out on you. Most horrible is that they keep track of what you do and tell every one they knew about it! Shame!

The best thing to do is to influence those who still possess the true trait of a proud Pinoy and inspire others Pinoys to remember why we're special and above from the rest of the world.

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