"Bastos Daw"

BASTOS IS IN! This is the niche many sites including PinoyAmbisyoso monitize, why because of boybastos.com's popularity and the fact that sex sells. I'm not a supporter of porno sites nor against them. What i dislike is the moral impact of such sites, specially to minors (you know my side now).

Though porn is a lucrative business, job, niche and specially internet sites. The damage it bring to those expose at a young age is irreversible if unguided properly. Philippine government law makers are creating stricter law for violators but what can they do if the site if hosted on countries that allow porn sites. What Philippine law maker should do is to regulation and give guidelines for porn site owners. Since this is lucrative business huge taxes can be generated out of site owner earnings. This fund can be use to fight those that violate the law such as child exploitation and human trafficking.

We can't deny the fact that porn sites exist and the more our government stricken them, browsing and internet surfing for porn gets more and more challenging :-) Don't give that naughty look!

One example is Saudi Arabia! Porn site are filter out centralize, blocking porn sites, even url addresses that have double meaning or meaning related to porn, sex or even to the bastos word and even popular men magazine such as FHM, where is the excitement now!. Yet, many of their female citizen complains about their husband accessing and getting addicted to such sites. If the can still access it even with a centralize filter program what more can our government do since we don't have this kind of orderliness. Where do our government start the campaign to fight online pornography? Do we just leave the campaign by calling the attention of internet cafe owner to provide filtering software or the parents to monitor their children online activity? While many of our politicians brag about fighting this bastos sites (boybastos.com) or porn sites they are not making a sincere intention, they just making publicity out of it!

Now, where to we stand? Bastos ba...oi Bastos daw!

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