Multiply the Blogging Luck 10 Times (repost!)


Kabayan Junction is my personal blog of an Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW, this has been my outlet of frustrations as a Pinoy away from home since early 2006. This blog hosted free by Blogger for more than three four ears (last blog post was 2010). It has been 5 years since i revisited this post.

Blogging has been a good frustration outlet though i don't write well but i still managed to post 200 plus articles (225 to be exact) most of which are non-sense jokes or blabs of what i think around that time crazy things and expressing my personal opinions of interesting issues. I also made a lot of blogger friends many of them are OFW bloggers as well, some blog for fun for a start but most of them evolved as pro-bloggers who makes money online. Believe it or not!

Goodbye is such a hard word!

TatayGoodbye Poem

You’re a man of a few words but your action showed how much you cared
Your firm decisions and humility are carved within our personality
We’re so sad of your passing, it’s not fair that we lost you so sudden
Never again will we hear you laugh, Never again will we see you smile
It's just so hard to say goodbye, we can't help but to break and cry
Please watch over us with your love
We will remember all the good times we had
We will remember your memory and good advise
Even though we are apart, you'll live on within our hearts
Goodbye, but say not in grief 'you are no more' but live in thankfulness that you were'
Though you’re gone you left a treasure that filled our heart
Your memory will be with us forever, Thank you and goodbye.

Complaining That Your Job Suck is Healthy

A quote on complaining from Woopidoo quotation reads "Statistics suggest that when customers complain, business owners and managers ought to get excited about it. The complaining customer represents a huge opportunity for more business". This is why it is correct when i said it is healthy to complain, but what the author Zig Ziglar says that the business owner and managers get excited about their customers complain, not an individual complaining on his situation or current job.

HR experts say that complaining employee is not health for the business. When employees complain their productivity and performance is affected expressly or implied. This result to backlog on outputs, accumulating and increasing the tension affecting other employees. Like a whole in a ship sinking it to the depths of the sea.

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