Complaining That Your Job Suck is Healthy

A quote on complaining from Woopidoo quotation reads "Statistics suggest that when customers complain, business owners and managers ought to get excited about it. The complaining customer represents a huge opportunity for more business". This is why it is correct when i said it is healthy to complain, but what the author Zig Ziglar says that the business owner and managers get excited about their customers complain, not an individual complaining on his situation or current job.

HR experts say that complaining employee is not health for the business. When employees complain their productivity and performance is affected expressly or implied. This result to backlog on outputs, accumulating and increasing the tension affecting other employees. Like a whole in a ship sinking it to the depths of the sea.

With this fact Luc Theriault of still say that complaining on job is healthy, on his article Please Keep Complaining About Your Job! Luc explain the healthy part on complaining is when an employee complain and do something to improve his job situation or earning. By complaining of their jobs, employee will looks for other opportunity be it financially rewarding position, a career change, a company with higher offer or a job that employee loves to do. For many kabayan i know they move from one employer to another until they find a suitable salary or work environment they will keep for a long time. Filipinos are industrious this is why transferring to other employers won't be a problem as long as the pay and benefit is right. Right!

Now if you still complain about your job, keep it up but don't just stop there putting your thinking hat or dial your colleagues number and start looking for other opportunity to improve your situation. Good Luck!

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