Multiply the Blogging Luck 10 Times (repost!)


Kabayan Junction is my personal blog of an Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW, this has been my outlet of frustrations as a Pinoy away from home since early 2006. This blog hosted free by Blogger for more than three four ears (last blog post was 2010). It has been 5 years since i revisited this post.

Blogging has been a good frustration outlet though i don't write well but i still managed to post 200 plus articles (225 to be exact) most of which are non-sense jokes or blabs of what i think around that time crazy things and expressing my personal opinions of interesting issues. I also made a lot of blogger friends many of them are OFW bloggers as well, some blog for fun for a start but most of them evolved as pro-bloggers who makes money online. Believe it or not!
I have some share of blogging benefits, extra bucks that is what i meant. Below is the cheque my wife received from one of the affiliate sites i promoted.

I earned this paycheck by sheer luck, why? because i also don't know i accumulated this amount, what i recall was i signed in - build a site and post some links here at Kabayan Junction, that is it. Easy eh!

Here are the other updated earning so far from FilipinoFriendFinder and the all reliable Google AdSense.

Now the mission is to multiply that blogging luck ten folds by adding affiliate marketing, hoping that the next cheque will send me home permanently? 

Wish me more luck guys!

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