An Observation of an OFW's Life Cycle, Truth or Myth

"The son becomes the father. And the father, the son" this is the quote from Superman Returns Movie that i left when i posted a comment on No Benta's OFWdiaries on his post "Hindi Porke't nasa Abroad.....". Many stories are told about an OFW life and experience, good or bad, it is everywhere in the news paper and books plus with the rising popularity of blog many OFW from around the world are now blogging their life as an OFW. I know because this blog is one of them.
Let me get back to the title on OFW's life cycle, Truth or Myth! If you’re an observant it is not the pasalubong nor does the going home story neither the happy and sad story that you will notice but the common reason of OFW striving for a bright future for their families.

Another common denomination of OFW
is their relatives either the parents, uncle, untie, grand parent, cousins or in-laws was or still is an OFW. This is why chances are if your relative is working on that foreign country you would someday be joining them. This trend seems to me that becoming an OFW runs in the family. Personally when I was growing up I have friends whose parents are working abroad and now that they grew up they too are working on the same country that their parents stayed.

Let’s hope this observation is only a myth or else many more OFW’s siblings will someday become an OFW like us.

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