Time for Movie Adventure

Jack Sparrow is back with Pirates of the Caribbean's latest sequel On Stranger Tides, Sparrow started the trend for other upcoming kids/kids at heart movies to watch.

My top list of kids adventure movie to catch new few weeks until July 2011 are:

1. Kung Fu Panda 2 - showing today May 26, 2011
2. X-men: First Class - showing on June 3, 2011
3. Green Lanter - showing on June 17, 2011
4. Cars 2 - showing on June 24, 2011
5. Transformers: Dark of the Moon - showing on July 1, 2011
6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 - showing on July 15, 2011
7. Captain America: The First Avenger - showing on July 22, 2011
8. Cowboys & Aliens - showing on July 29, 2011
9. Winnie the Pooh - on July 15, 2011 (this is still cartoon right c",)

Hope i could watch this also even in a country without movie theaters :-) or i'll just catch the date of the movie, happy viewing. All pictures and schedule are from Yahoo.

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Goodbye is such a hard word!

TatayGoodbye Poem

You’re a man of a few words but your action showed how much you cared
Your firm decisions and humility are carved within our personality
We’re so sad of your passing, it’s not fair that we lost you so sudden
Never again will we hear you laugh, Never again will we see you smile
It's just so hard to say goodbye, we can't help but to break and cry
Please watch over us with your love
We will remember all the good times we had
We will remember your memory and good advise
Even though we are apart, you'll live on within our hearts
Goodbye, but say not in grief 'you are no more' but live in thankfulness that you were'
Though you’re gone you left a treasure that filled our heart
Your memory will be with us forever, Thank you and goodbye.

Game World Premiere Exclusive

World Premiere Exclusives of exciting new games that are making their world debut.

Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison

Help Kiera Vale discover her ancestor’s history as she explores Blackwater Asylum in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch’s Prison! After receiving a mysterious letter from Alton Quinn, Kiera sets off to find out about her birth parents. Finding Blackwater Asylum to be in a state of disarray, Kiera begins exploring the grounds looking for information about her family, and Alton’s mysterious secret. Help her discover the truth in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! 

Dominic Crane 2: Dark Mystery Revealed

Dominic Crane's been dreaming about mysterious places he's never been to. He visits a shrink who helps him uncover a dark mystery from his childhood! Buried deep in his subconscious is an eerie message someone is trying to communicate. Unravel the hidden message in Dominic Crane 2: Dark Mystery Revealed, a spooky Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! Uncover the sinister meaning behind Dominic's dreams today! 

The Treasures of Mystery Island: The Gates of Fate

When the Gates of Fate send Alex and Lisa back in time, each to a different decade, they must figure out how to return to the present, and each other, before a rumbling volcano spews its contents! Guide Lisa as she befriends a local girl, searches for the magic tiles that can send her home, and leaves clues for Alex to find in the future. Discover The Treasures of Mystery Island 2, and use your Hidden Object skills to save the day! 


Garret Ghostfighter was born with the gift of being able to see demons! Help him use his gift to defeat the evil Mephisto in Exorcist, a mysterious Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. After receiving a mysterious letter from Mephisto, Garret sets off to find the evil being, and defeat him once and for all. Discover cursed locations and remove the traces of evil before it’s too late. Help Garret catch Mephisto, and learn the truth about the love of his life, Margo. 

Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club

Join Kira Robertson as she sets out to find the Snark, an elusive creature few people have seen and no one has caught. Can you decipher the clues, solve the puzzles, and piece together the objects you need to track down your target? Follow the Snark through mirrors, into inside-out and upside-down worlds and join the Snark Busters club in this fast-paced and exciting Hidden Object game. 

Mystic Diary: Haunted Island

Stop a magician’s ghost and free the trapped souls haunting the Black Woods in Mystic Diary: Haunted Island! Communicate with a trapped ghost, the magician’s very own brother, as he guides you through the manor. Follow Victor’s clues and stop the disturbed Gustav as quickly as you can! Solve cryptic puzzles and put together bizarre machines to unlock the secrets of the house in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! 

Enlightenus II: The Timeless Tower Collector's Edition

Clarence Flatt, an expert clockmaker, has asked for your help and has offered you the chance to explore the legendary Timeless Tower! While working on the incredible Ageless Clock, something goes wrong and pieces of the device end up all over the Timeless Tower. These pieces begin to unravel the very fabric of time, and only you can set things right in Enlightenus II: The Timeless Tower, a fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Redrum: Time Lies

The twisted and evil Dr. Sigmund Fraud has been released from the asylum, and is up to his old tricks. Help Detective Ravenwood track him down and end his terrible crimes in Redrum – Time Lies. Dive into this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game and free the souls of Dr. Fraud’s victims from their nightmares. Explore eerie nightmares and put an end to Dr. Fraud’s cruel experiments once and for all. Warning: Redrum - Time Lies is an intense psychological murder mystery intended for mature audiences.

Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate

When Samantha’s quest to follow the trail of Cortez is interrupted by the manipulative M’Alice, she embarks on a journey to reclaim the Emerald of Judgment. With the help of Dr. Butler and Adam, the archaeologist and adventurer soon discovers that the rare artifact she possesses may be the key to unlocking the Fountain of Youth! Travel the globe in Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate, a fun Hidden Object game. 

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