Enhance Your Desktop for Free

A man said that a computer has a feminine in clasification because once you dedicated yourself to one you'll spend a lot for it's accessories. This is true for those who are willing and able to pay. But for Pinoy...mas masarap paglibre.

Remember the free photo editing software i mention last year, this one is also free. A software for screensaver and wallpaper. They have a huge collection of photos for wallpaper image and flash screensaver. Images from wonderful scenery of forest, lakes, mountains, snows, valleys, plains, pets, dogs and cats, places and even ocean underwater life. The images is also in high resolution, you can enjoy your new video card installed :D. What's more interesting is it's customization feature. Yes! you can upload and use your own photos for your desktop wallpaper and flash screensaver. Cool db!

Here is a screen shot of their home page. Just click the image to visit and download the free software.

Once you've completed the download...start to install and enjoy just don't forget to subscribe in to upcoming post. :-)
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