Kabayan Junction: 49 Years Old In Human Year

After following Edward of Health and Wealth Topic personal post about the mark he got from Blog Quizzes. I tried my luck...what Kabayan Junction will rate. And would you believe it, Kabayan Junction is not a family friendly site, but rated as:

structured settlement

Structured Settlement

Yes, after posting what goes to my mind...this blog is ranked as an adult oriented blog (Parental guidance is recommended for person browsing below 30 years old). wuahh! Is it good or bad!

Good because after trying another Blog Quizzes, Kabayan Junction is 49 years old equivalent to a human age, that only mean i'm posting according to the blog age or to my age :-) Bad because i missed my puberty and the parties...this is why i notice Kabayan Junction belly so bulky and the forehead has extended upwards. (Pinoy talaga taas noo kahit kanino).

was created on


or 2731 days ago!

This domain is

7 Years(s) 5 Month(s) and 26 Day(s) Old!

In human years

this domain is about

49 Years Old!Domain Age Calculator

The last description is only for Kabayan Junction physical appearance as a human at 49 but not to Akino, I'm only *%&$# years old secret, kalabaw lng tumatanda di ba :-)

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