Access Your Files Anywhere with Web Bases Desktop

What makes email and online chatting so popular is it's accessible. Getting connected to friends and families messages, photos and jokes is as easy as counting 1 to 3. Connections are available at home, school, office, internet cafe and even malls. As long as you have a wifi feature on your gadget like laptop, palm or PDA mobile devices (yes! also cellphones, but that is a different story).

What more can internet give! But would it still excite you if accessing not only your friends and families but also your personal files of school projects, blog thoughts or office reports straight from your own desktop. But first you have to make an account at

Screen shot of desktop for you

What features will fanbox desktop provide is a free 2 Gb free storage (wow thats a thousand songs and hundred pictures or video clip capacity). They also provide automatic import of files, photo and music sharing, instant messenger and web based word processor. You can also make money if others notice and adds applications from your profile. Cool ba Kabayan! Please subscribe in as a reader for future post of Kabayan Junction.
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