Empower OFW with a Risk Free Business

No more to OFW! This is what goes in my mind every night before i go to sleep! Ironic how life is. I dislike being an OFW (cuz i'm away from my family) but this is how i earn my living. I don't want to return home and work as a regular employee, i know my salary won't be sufficient to even pay the housing load i got from HDMF (pag-ibig housing loan) and the other regular expenses (monthly recurring light. water and other utilities). I don't want to be on the percentage of under-employed Filipino.

My profession is not in demand (how i wish i said civil engineering when the school registrar when asked what course would i take in college) still i'm lucky to be an OFW. I'm just a small percentage of the huge number of abroad applicants. Still the question that keep on bugging me is HOW do in empower myself or OFW like me? Is it to find a better paying new job?(if i want to be a professional applicant) Study again and get a better demanding course? (don't want to jack of all tree) What if i'm already on my late 30's should i still study and shift a career? Did you notice how limited my options are? The reason for these are Filipino parent's neglect to mold their children to be a self sustaining adult. I don't know why, but every time i hear a child, if ask what they want to be when they grow-up? I always hear child wanting to be an professional or in the field of service. (i knew this 'cuz i wanted to be a pilot when i was in high school) I've never heard a child say he want to be a businessman someday. I notice the reason it that they don't see an example. Most the Pinoy parent are employee or worker like their neighbors, friends and relatives. Where would our future business man have their vision to have a business, it's when they are already working.

I experience this because i worked with a young generation of Filipino-Chinese businessman. I was taught that the best solution to empower the Filipinos - OFW is to start our own business. What do you think? But wha kind of business can we put up? I set out a poll to survey what kind of business OFW prefer for those reading my blog (lucky no one is casting a vote). Anyway, back to business, what if we don't the capital or even if we have capital how can we be sure that this business would sustain our family expenses. Or in running the business should we leave our current day job. What kind of business will we put up. Do we have the skill for that business. If your mentality is like this i'm sure you won't even dare to make the first step to start your business. :ahaha:Remember the saying that "A 10,000 mile journey starts from a single step. I know you knew what i mean.

An in demand business that's growing now are computer shops or internet cafe. This businesses keeps on popping out, most popular are near schools, market places and crowded locations like junctions. Its in demand because of online gaming, school project and internet advantage (others are online dating also). I created a page for computer shop owner wanna be. Check my kabayan junction page. Next post are stories of businessman/proprietors i know that are now working here in Saudi because the business they put-up failed.

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