I don't want to be an OFW forever (1st anniversary of an OFW)

How long have you've been an OFW? Less than 5 year or more than 10 years. If you ask me, it's only my first year as an OFW, but it's feels like a century already. I'm not an extrovert person this is why i felt like losing a year of life with my family. Thinking of it makes me want, not to be an OFW much longer.

When i first arrive here in Saudi, most of the Kabayan (co-workers) already stayed a significant time of their life. Some of them have been here for more than 20 years. The average stay is 10 years. At first i feel the guilt of asking myself why did i not decided to work here earlier, knowing they are more financially stable now than i am. I feel annoy thinking i should have a better saving if i pursue becoming an OFW much earlier in my life.

After a year of staying here all my frustrations not working as an OFW earlier came to a halt. Being an OFW is clearer to me today than when i first arrive here. Now I know why other stayed here for more than half their life even though they are earning more than they would tkae home as manager in the Philippines. Why amidst the different culture and weather many OFW still bring their families to live with together. Why some family separation become permanent. How OFWs are maltreated, not paid on time, overworked but still holding to their employers. Why many OFW amidst prohibited by the law here still makes those thing for a living or an extra earning. And i came to a conclusion why their are many men OFW here than other foreign country. I could only say one thing "aching!" :-)

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