The Jeepney (King of the Road) - Re-loaded

Anyone here who have not ride a jeepney? It might sound weird but their are Filipinos that have not ride a jeepney in their life. Why? Because they have their own car (duh :-) while others are out of the country too long to ride for a jeepney again. But seriously jeepney is synonymous to being a Pinoy (as is the word bebot)

This is the only vehicle of its kind in the world. If Ferrari and BWM are building sports SUV luxury cars, jeepney builders are making the same quality. Why? Well here are list of some comparisons.

Leading SUV Manufacturer

Jeepney Manufacturer

(Patok jeeps)

Passenger Capacity (Max)

10 persons (including driver)

24 persons (excluding driver and the sabits)

Speed (max)

250-300 km/hr on freeway

100-110 km/hr on a crowded street

Gasoline Intake

8-10 km/liter

150-200 pesos/trip (another pump on his way back)


Branded DVD with surround system

Tape deck or PC CD ROM (improvised) Playing the most requested music (bring a tape or CD, ask the driver’s assistant to play it)

Breaking System

Disk break (different suspension breaks)

Just pull the string to stop (other jeep use full or batak tali)

Body pain

Two tone / metallic from first class quality paint

Full of stickers with anime or sexy design (the jeep have its own name also)


For famous and rich person only

From all walks of life Coed and Jologs all together (KJ not allowed)


Air bags / seat belts, 4 door / power door sysemt

Seat belt for the driver only but is not using it, 3 doors (1 – driver, 1 – sexy/special front passenger, 1 common door at the back with the conductor as guard) with sign “___ knows who does not pay”

The comparisons are from the jeepney i ride back in my college years called "Patok jeeps". This jeeps are in demand for coeds and college students. They won't ride and will wait for hours just to ride their favorite jeeps. Such a good way to travel, yet dangerous.

Back to the jeepney, from the 6 seater jeep that the american left after the wars to the Japan made motor jeepney we knew today. Jeepney is re-loading again to an environment-friendly and electric-powered Philippine "King of the Road" vehicle. catch the full story here.

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