Don't be left behind! Be Ahead to Other Applicants

:astig:A familiar scene if you spend your free time on internet cafe surfing or playing online games. This scene for me is so familiar but not cuz i waste my free time by surfing or playing, but by using my time for better use. This is how i scout for a job/work abroad. I do better by submitting copies of copy and paste resume to various job vacancy available and to large job scouting sites. Instead of traveling (i hate driving long trip with my Kawasaki Aura 110) in the scolding sun i find the benefit of being IN or at pace with technology to benefit me.

While other go the hassle of traveling and falling the long queue applying to agency. I'm setting on an aircon i.t. worx cafe enjoying the benefits of being tech savvy.

As i promised to my last post on how to start a new in life, here are the list of big sites with huge jobs list.

  • Work Abroad - the job list here are from consolidated list of Philippine Hiring Agencies. They also have news you could read about the latest job available.
To keep your profile on the top list, religiously log-in and update your profile. This way your application is the first screen by employers. Good luck! Next up date are tips in applying and resume writing resources.

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