Poor Car - Rich Car

The release of Tata Nano of Tata Motors (India), poor car list gets another new addition. Poor car because it is intended for average person plus the price is very cheap. The car has a three-cylinder 800-cc petrol engine with 33 bhp (power). A 30-litre fuel tank and four-speed manual gearshift. The Executive edition will come with air-condition but all have "pawis" steering (no power steering folks). A price estimate for USD-2,500.00. That is 100k flat in Philippine peso (@ Php-40/$ 1). Wow!

Compare to top cats (big motor brands) creation like the mini cooper of BMW and the smart car of Mercedes Benz taking the big price off would mean taking off it's features. Features like safety, power and prestige of owning a car.

For Pinoy owning a car is for necessity like this multi-cab. Pinoy necessity plus Pinoy creativity and ingenuity a scrap suzuki carry mini cab will become a passenger jeep or a mini multicab all purpose utility pick-up (haba ng description anoh :-) I've seen first hand what his scrap vehicle looks like. In cavite there are many shops specializing on refurbishing and customizing this vehicle. As they say other peoples junk is other peoples treasure. Junk as it may seen but it have many purpose for many Pilipino lives.

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