On My Wandering Months

Like a sea turtle freshly hatched from it's egg, i wander the big ocean, unknown where have i'll go not knowing where i will end, distant from the world of blogging, disconnected from the rest of the world (charing lang).

True for the three months i've wandered finding what else can i do to maximize my blogging, testing the blog's ranking, page view, etc.. Unlike the sea turtle that grew and find itself...i got more lost like my rank dropping half and statistics plunging more than ever. Still the experience is worth the risk. Good that i tried and tested thus never again will i stop to what i've started. The only thing i learn is that "it is easier to increase statistic with continued posting/blogging than dropping half with in three months.

I feel i need some wandering again. :D Please subscribe in as a reader for future post here.
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