Optimistic Thinking Challenge

Opposite attract just like the negative and positive magnetic pole, but for psychology experts like the secret modulators positive thinking bring positive outcome. The law in the universe..the power of your mind. Positive thinking relieve stress..less stress makes you a better person in all aspect, but what if your routine is feed up with all kinds of problems...can you still be optimistic. This is the way optimistic think.
  • "puyat" or lack of sleep due to work and early wake-up - bare in mind "mas mabuti na walang tulog kesa walang gising" ("dami na actors ganito ang fate" :-)
  • underpaid yet overworked - be happy for you have a job...Philippine have a big unemployment rate and "kelangan at pinagkakatiwaan ka pa ng company mo may pinatatrabaho ka pa sa'yo"
  • low salary - good that you only have to spend less...keep in mind that those earning more than you spends more and have huge "utangs" to credit card (wala ka nito) and loan provider (di ka ma-approve dito kahit mag try ka pa)
  • underweight due to overwork fatigue and long travel to work place - "swerte mo" others spend thousands of pesos to reduce...you don't
  • smokers on public places or inside PUV/PUB (jeepney) - smile at them it may be his last cigarette
  • boss with habit of always shouting to employee - think that it is the side effect of vasectomy "kapon na iyan eh" if the boss is a female - the side of effect of husband "na kapon" :D
  • gf/bf cheating - now you have a reason to replace him/her (for married couples this is not applicable but if you choose to...apply at your own risk)
  • pissed to a co-employee - remember he/she is also pissed on you...why would he think that way :-)
I can't think of any more, but how about you how optimistic thinker you are? Leave your thought by commenting and i'll be happy to publish them out! :-)

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