Future Cars - Driverless

Movie plots and effects are reality of the future. Like the first movie about the man on the moon...after a few century it became a reality. Now for another century the cars that drive itself like the ones on I-Robot and Demolition Man will be a reality soon. General Motors, GM, is now envisioning a driverless cars that would revolutionize car traveling in the future..AP.org tells the full story. With these cars are release the street accident will be reduce dramatically, handicap will be independent to travel, no more special gadgets, traveling will be a pleasure, party goers won't worry about DUI violation, fathers can send their toddler to school while watching the basketball finals and the best thing is for women, they can know their favorite hubby's hangout by browsing the cars memory :-) This makes wait for the car release more exciting.

I have one suggestion for the developers...Hope GM will feature driving mode for the cars...like Schumacher mode if your in hurry (for adrenaline drivers), Sunday driver mode if you want to annoy the car behind you or Low rider mode (for hip-hop drivers)...LOL!

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