Kabayan Blogger Tat on Carmen Electra's Butt

I saw her just this afternoon and she begged to have my name so she can have it tattooed on her butt...yeah right just another guys alter ego tall tales.

It's true that's my name tat on Carmen Electra's butt. If you don't believe me click this link to watch the full clip of how she brag about that tat.


Have you seen the clip?

Do you want you name on her butt instead! If you want to amaze your friends. Then visit this link. Type in your name (12 characters only) and upload your most admired photo...then copy the url and e-mail the links to your friends and be part of Carmen Electra's promotion of her new movie Spartans - a comic version of the 300.

Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe as a reader to be updated to all upcoming post! :-D
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