Kabayan Funny Girl a YouTube Celebrity

A popular YouTube star, not from the adult page, cuz she is a wholesome person, a self made internet superstar, not Ate Guy nor Manilenya, is visiting her mother country, Philippine. She is youtube popular star and funny girl Happy Slip or Christine "HappySlip" Gambito. She was nominated for best comedy video and won second on YouTube.

Watching her video is like watching the female version of Bitoy. A versatile Pilipina, she can sing, play piano, she write her spoof, direct and acts all in one. Her video's tackle the funny side of being Pilipino. She play different characters on her videos like:
  • Christine, Gambito as herself.
  • Claire, soap opera style drama queen and twin sister of Audrey. More of the evil twin. Repeatedly tries to steal her sisters's man. Likes popcorn flavored Jelly Beans. Uses fake British accent.
  • Audrey, soap opera style drama queen and twin sister of Claire. More of the good twin. Doesn't like crunchy peanut butter. Uses fake British accent.
  • Teenie, a sterotypical teenager... self-centered, text happy, loud and full of attitude. Teenie is a friend of Christine's who among other things has pet parakeets named Penelope and Precious.
  • Mom, Gambito's sweet, but hapless mother. Has many quirkly personality traits and habits like brushing her teeth in the kitchen.
  • Dad, Gambito's ever-snacking father. His catchphrase is "Dis-as-ter!" His favorite snack is pork rinds, but he has also snacked on nuts and chips.
  • Auntie Babie Cruz, Gambito's aunt and Minnie's mother. Auntie constantly boasts about her daughter. Has small feet.
  • Minnie, Gambito's shy cousin. Minnie is an accomplished piano player. Has online boyfiend, but her mother won't allow her to meet him in person.
  • Lola, Gambito's grandmother. Lola is the Tagalog term for Grandmother.
  • Sheila Smoot, one-half of the homeshoping show "Plop & Shop" hosting duo.
  • Sally Smoot, one-half of the homeshoping show "Plop & Shop" hosting duo.
Characters not played by Gambito
  • Kevin, Minnie's online boyfiend. Played by Kevin Wu (kevjumba)
  • Fred, Minnie's presumptious and bad dancing suitor.
Her first video is Instant Vlogging and the rest follows instantly due to the positive acceptance of YouTube community. Her other Happy Slip spoof and video are listed in wikipedia.

Watch her Mixed Nuts video that i link from YouTube.

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