Beauty in My Eyes

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that is what my high school professor insisting when she defend her story of how much she is adored by her husband. What a funny cheerful old lady she was back then. But her claims are all true for Pinoys it's a stereotype perception to be beautiful one must have a caucasian features. Like white skin tone, pointed nose, colored hair and taller than the usual Pinoy. But where did we come up with this kind of thinking. Not that television and magazine has to do with it...but because we were colonized by two caucasian race, the Spaniards and the Americans (excluding the sakang race :-) This is why their offspring became the standard of beauty. But what if the perfect beauty is engulf by imperfections like this picture i got from (picture created by graphic experts)

She has caucasian feature but she is overweight. But if you look closer she is also the one on the bottom picture. Amaze about their thing is sure that a perfect beauty is a beauty skin depth. That's what beauty in my eyes..what is yours?

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