Winter Wonderland

It's a cold winter in the middle east..some parts even rain snow. But not here where i stay, the lowest recorded is zero degree, that is the freezing point but with no snow, yet. Never the less the winter season for new comers like me is a new experience...unlike in the Philippines. It's a beautiful breeze in the morning of cold winter air. Sarap! But what's more wonderful is Kabayan Junction's feed jumping from 20 subscriber to 4,321 for only two days. Wow! Really wow! What have i done to deserve this! (reality check, please!)

Ok, back to reality, i know this won't happen in just a span of two days (plus the fact that i'm a lousy blogger :0 oo naman cya oh!) Anyway, after buzzing lestat of ofwlayf my suspicion came to a halt, it's true there is a hoax. Well not really but a glitch with feedblitz transition of reports to feedburners.

Sayang naman! But i'll reach that feed someday with your help and subscription as a reader.
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