A Week Without Blogging

Last week is my lowest confidence as a blogger. Why? because of frustrations! Haaaaay..this is why i prompted to exclude myself from posting for a week. :puppyeyes:

What are the reasons why i did not blog for a week? Because of the following: (Please bear as i enumerate them)

Alexa Ranking

After comparing Kabayan Junction (KJ) to other fellow Pinoy bloggers i find my blog far from others rank. As I scan other blogs and i fournd out that after almost 5 month of blogging my ranking is very far from other bloggers. While blogs younger than mine (blogs that are less than 5 months old) have higher Alexa ranking. Others are ranking 200k to 300k (200-300 thousands) at alexa; Kabayan Junction is ranked at 1.426 million thats is 25% less of popular blogs rank.

Adsense Earning Results

Also as i blog hop i read some success stories of blogger's earning from Adsense and other affiliate marketing site (yes you can earn while blogging) but until now my earning is just 1% of the minimum pay out from adsense plus my affiliate sponsor have not moved for 3 months now. Whuaaaa! (what did i do wrong)

Readership and Comments

I'm open to criticism but my post have a low comment turn-out. While i tried to promote Kabayan Junction to readers, still i don't have enough leverage to persuade more subscribers/readers.

Haaaaaayyy buhay!
:astig:But that week is all over (fingers cross), thanks to many fellow Pinoy bloggers specially blogger here in the middle east that i'm learning to improve Kabayan Junction. I know that every road has it's obstacles that makes the journey more exciting, after surviving this all frustration will go away. Wish me luck!

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