How To Bring In The Big Bucks

How to bring in the big bucks?

The solution is bring in traffic to bring in the big bucks! For Eric Nakagawa, a software developer in Hawaii, became an accidental entrepreneur by posting a single photo of a fat, smiling cat he found on the Internet, with the caption, "I can has cheezburger?" on January 2007. Started out as a joke but soon after posting a few more images in the same vein: cute cats with funny captions written in a silly, invented hybrid of Internet shorthand and baby-talk. He turned the website in to a blog, so that visitors could comment on the postings. The traffic on the blog, I Can Has Cheezburger, which he runs with his partner, "Tofuburger" doubled each month from 375,000 hits in March to 750,000 in April and 1.5 million in May. Cheezburger now gets 500,000 page views a day from between 100,000 and 200,000 unique visitors, according to Nakagawa. The cheapest ad costs $500 for a week. The most expensive goes for nearly $4,000. Nakagawa, an accidental entrepreneur who saw his successful business materialize out of the ether, quit his programming job at the end of May: "It made more sense to do this and see how big it could get." read the full story here.

Business week report it's revenue estimated at $5,600 a month based on ad rates and self-reported traffic data.
This is another Edison story, everything plus luck is big bucks. :ha?:ha?

Vote for your favorite cat at I Can Has Cheezburger but it's better to submit your own picture or create your own caption at Cheez Burger Factory. Have fun! Here i made myself one.

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