07/07/07 A Day of Luck or Just Another Day

Rabbit's foot, four leaf clover and house shoe are some common things that people believes to attract good luck. Much more are Chinese; that belief certain type of fruits and plant with proper quantity, presentation and location could attract more luck. Now that the date is 07/07/07 or July 7, 2007 (777 lucky) many people are optimistic for good luck, but is this a lucky day or just another day of the week. I recall a news last month about the astral alignment of time and date; that the time 12:03:04 am/pm to the date 05/06/07 would be lucky. While other contradict because different place have different time zone and that the Europeans write their date by day:month:year format. This is for the Gregorian calendar only, how about the Arabic Calendar the year is 1428 to them.

Well for Pinoys this charm number "777" attracts many believer, be it for lotto, basketball ending, jueting..etc (gambling also not only :-). Remember Mayor Sanchez of Laguna; he has his cars, door and house with this number. Today many weddings took place all over the world just to get this 777 marked in their anniversary. I bet the unlucky husband that complain about their wife, also file their annulment papers today for a good luck..lol. (Any report on this?).

If your such a believer of good luck charm, you could improvise your own. How about a Durian fruit on the front of your house to keep away the "tambays" from flocking on your swing (they won't resist the foul smell). Personally I don't believe in this luck charm, be it today's 777 or next year's 888, for me it's my faith to The Mighty One and everything else will follow.

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