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Firefox 2

Virus are like virus (gulo noh). Virus from the Latin noun virus, meaning toxin or poison. Viruses can replicate themselves only by infecting a host cell, but a virus in your computer will not only replicate but will attract other virus.

It will also do math in you. Why? Because it will multiply - more virus will infect your computer, add to your problem - a useless compute is a worthless investment, will divide your budget and time - more visit to the IT technician, lastly will lessen your interest to search more site (fear of future virus infestation). Now that's a good MADS.

Going online add up more chance to have your precious computer to get infected with the latest virus ever created. To be the latest Firefox 2 version for first aid protection.

The best thing Firefox 2 is, it's FREE. Plus you will grow the community of Firefox users all over the world.

Take the internet back...use Firefox 2 to browse the web safely.
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