Dare to Take Lumosity Mind Challenge (Exercise your Mind)

A car's engine need to be maintain to keep the car running. Humans are like car and the Brain is it's engine. So to keep the body running, we need to maintain the brain. But the brain starts slowing down as early as age 30. Yes this is true, at the age of 30 it's all down the hill. :)

The good news is that this machine can still be speed up, and improve even the most basic cognitive abilities at any age. Keep the brain performing at its best with Lumosity, the brain fitness program developed by some of the leading neuroscientists.

Lumosity beta users have experienced:
  • Clearer and quicker thinking
  • Better memory for names, numbers, directions, etc.
  • Increased alertness and awareness
  • Elevated mood
  • Better concentration at work or while driving
Now take your brain back and enjoy the challenge. Test how bright are you, start with the Birdwatching challenge. My second try for this game scored me a 683 points. I know you can do better. Post your score, if you can beat that! ^_^

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