A Kabayan's Call for Change

A member from GoodNewsPilipinasOnline yahoogroup wrote "Dakila ang mga Pilipino". The letter encourage the new bread of Pinoy like you and me to do something about our country. Part of his letter reads:

"nalungkot ako dati sa binalita ng channel 2 (pasensya na sa mga KAPAMILYA) na ipinagmamalaki nilang ibalita na ISANG TANDA NA MARANGYANG PAMILYA sa LEBANON ang pagkakaroon ng katulong na pilipino. dapat ba nating ipagmalaki iyon? katulong na lang ba ang tingin sa atin ng mga dayuhan. isang malaking halimbawa diyan ay mga instsik na nambugbugbog at nangaalipusta sa mga kapwa nating pilipino dito pa mismo sa ating bansa"

He is true. Thought it's good to hear that our Kabayan DH are put on a pedestal by their employer. Still let us not degrade ourself more but shooting that we are the best DH in the world. Instead lets work together specially OFW or Expat, invest in our country to produce more employment for our Kabayan will no longer work as DH.

Just look at the example from Egypt government about their stand: Decision to Recruit Egyptian Maids Triggers Controversy (an article from Arab News, June 2, 2007)

"Egyptians living in the Kingdom described news of the agreement as a “scandal” and “humiliating”"..."especially the case since Egypt has sent its scientists and qualified professionals all over the world and they have become extremely successful"..."We all know what maids are exposed to in the Kingdom. We’ve heard a lot about maids being abused by their employers and the fact that they experience sexual harassment. We cannot accept that happening to Egyptian women"

I know we are better that this race. Let's show it to the world. No more to Crab Mentality and be concern to our Kababayans. Let's start the change for other to follow.
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