After 3 Months and 11 Days of Kabayan Junction

Still alive! The best word to describe Kabayan Junction, though E Akino (your's truly) is only posting on free time while at the office.

The first month review of Kabayan Junction is about optimistic thinking amids my low traffic and how someday this blog will reach other OFW, Pinoy Expats and Kabayan blogger all over the world. Thanks to my addicting habit (good habit only) that i try to post daily (note: this is the life blood of blogging and also good content) fortunately this gave way for Kabayan Junction to have a 50% increase in unique viewer and page view. I still remember the first time i test my blog worth it registered a close $4,000.00 value (Technorati estimate) now after 3 months and 11 days i tried my blog worth it's now a little less than $45,000.00 (ain't that a worthy reason to blog - hope i could find a way to cash this

My blog is worth $44,598.66.
How much is your blog worth?

Still recalling how i started out with no knowledge of html or blogging. How i get so frustrated when some of the things i tried don't work the way they should be. How i register to almost all programs i can come across. Now by patiently working my way with blogging, posting regularly and by reading help tips from blogger gurus like Vin, Annie, Yaro, and Darren (Master of Probloggers) i entered a new world (online world) while earning new friends. One of the friend i meet is Ilker ( got a guest post at his blog). Kabayan blogger friends like Anitokid and Lestat.

This coming days/months for Kabayan Junction would be brighter and wonderful, this is the mindset of a true Pinoy! (For those who want to be on the list of my blogroll give me a comment and i'll follow)

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