Pinoy foods to missed

One year away from Philippines makes me recall the food that make me feel a true Pinoy. Every person have unique identity, but being a Filipino away from home (Philippines) makes me want for food I grow up with.

Starting with breakfast of tuyo with fried rice and vinegar for sawsawan. Or the famous egg pair meals of tapsilog, longsilog, and many other's "__silogs" i can't remember the other pair. If not with rice breakfast alternatives are pandesal dipped in hot coffee or puto with it's counter part kutsinta, bibingka, suman, sapin-sapin, and lots more kakanins to choose.

Lunch time to savor to deserts of halo-halo, chicharon, choc-nut, dirty ice cream, ripe mango or green mango dip in hot and spicy bagoong. After desert it's time for noontime show then siesta time (lunch nap).

Merienda of banana que, camote que, maruya, boiled saba, pansit with sardines as sahog, spaghetti with banana catsup as sauce and hotdog. Other merienda are fishballs, or "KFC stalls" (
Kikiam, Fishball sa Canto) and kwek-kwek (duck eggs or penoy covered with yellow flour).

In the evening it's balut or pinoy, in the street corner BBQ stalls offer different parts of chicken, like adidas, helmet with it's neck, isaw also isaw of pork and even sebo of beef.

Hhmmm...Pinoy foods really makes me think of home. Though they say it's dirty and bad for the health, Pinoy still patronize this kind of food, the reason might be the cheap price or this foods fits Filipino taste. Anyway i look at it this foods makes me think more of home.
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