Internet Scam To Look-out

The boom of internet came opportunity to make online business and meet people from different part of the globe. But all good things have a negative side, internet is not an exception. Many con-artist strive to create hoax for gullible people.

The most popular internet scam is the Phishing scam it sounded like fishing (cuz it is). These are identity theft. This type of scam target you online information like user name and password, online credit card or bank transactions. The most common target companies are ebay and paypal. If you do any transaction online, be aware of unknown offer, always validate from the mother company.

Another is the Email Lottery Scam, mostly these are spam to you email, claim you won a huge amount of money then ask for private information. Another type like this is the green card lottery of US that are send to your inbox.

The most obvious scam is the Nigerian Scams or 419 Scam, these are random emails, other send it through fax and ordinary mails asking help. The letter usually introduce a person that came from a wealth or prominent family with huge cash on their bank account. They would ask some cash to help them escape the government that's holding their money and in return would give a substantial amount for the help you gave.

Even job applicants are not safe! There are also Payment Transfer Job Scam, yes there are people being victimized by this type of scam. I know a Pinay care giver who fall victim (i won't tell who she was =) These are websites that offer assistance to process employment to other country, this scam artist would even call if you gave your number. Another type of scam like this is Investment Money Transfer Scam or htpe scam.

Dating Scam is also on the list. They are on internet dating sites waiting for their prey. This scam artist have good looks (they pick their pictures from modeling sites), good profile, good personality, friendly, caring and intelligent almost perfect to be true. Mostly they volunteer to developing country but later on once your emotionally attached they would ask for assistance for fund.

The last few scam list looks easy to notice as hoax (an intelligent person like you would intantly notice) but many people still fall victim to them. I almost forgot another is the growing scam from work at home offers or Home Business sites. Sometimes it's hard to figure the real from the hoax. My only advice "if its good to be true it's not real" or the famous line from Ken Evoy "don't shoot before you look"!

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