Mark Your Place To The Map

I notice that Filipinos are fond at exploring maps (i know i am ^_^). This is specially, if your new to the place and want to know your way around.

Now using satellite imaging of the globe, the use of map is much simpler than the conventional way. Today using GSM finding the right road to your destination is as easy as 1 2 3.

Many software provider have their own online mapping guides like Google Map, Yahoo Map, Map Quest, Multi Maps and

One map provider would let you mark/tag you place to their map. Wikimapia lets you browse and located your place. Then lets you tag your location. Interesting!

Ok this is how it work.

First click on the image above, scroll using click and drag, to navigate yourself. Locate your place. You could also use the pan arrow button (located at the top left portion of the map). Zoom in to find the specific location.

Now that you located your place, just click the "Add place" red button above the pan arrow. A box will appear on the map, drag it to your specific desired location, adjust the size of the box using the mouse. Once you have it in place, click save, a new window will appear for the information about the tag you created (click the proper category of the place, also provide the title and description of the tag). Click save!

That's it! You can also add comment about the tag you created. Just click the tagged box. Don't hesitate to mark your place, the map is getting crowded with people tagging their place.
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