How Not To Stop Smoking

This is how smoking area should be designed.

Stop Smoking Campaign should include visual advertising like this, because 90% of the 5 senses came from the sense of sight, now that's a big percentage of a smoker's attention, just hope they won't have nightmare.

Cigarette is very addictive why it's because of the nicotine (a drug found naturally in tobacco) content. But it's easy to quit the hardest part is to stay quit. Another reason why smoker find it hard to stay quit are these withdrawal symptoms:
  • dizziness (which may only last 1-2 days in the beginning)
  • depression
  • feelings of frustration and anger
  • irritability
  • sleep disturbances, including having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and having bad dreams or even nightmares
  • trouble concentrating
  • restlessness
  • headache
  • tiredness
  • increased appetite

These symptoms lead the smoker to again start smoking cigarettes to boost blood levels of nicotine back to a level where there are no symptoms.

It's hard to stay quit they say smoking kills slowly, smoker's say they are not in a hurry. Who want to argue?

To non-smoker's don't try it anymore. To smoker quit while your still alive.

Tag to Ilker Yoldas's Stop smoking now campaign.
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