Life is a continuous process of learning

Aristotle said that "Life is an ending process of learning".

A living proof is the 95-year-old Nola Ochs, the world's oldest college graduate. The record show that Ochs, according to Guinness World Records, will break the record of Mozelle Richardson, who at age 90 in 2004 received a journalism degree from the University of Oklahoma. (read the full story here)

Tell the children of her story. Let be her story be an inspiration to the young generation the value of education for future life.

I'm a lucky child having a mother that constantly preach the value of education. She unselfishly telling us that education is the only treasure she could give and no one can take it away. How blessed i am to have a parent (specially my mother) that strive to give us education.

This kind of triumph story about education is now getting rarer. The result of growing poverty problem result students to leave their study. Most enter work early to support family members while others enter early marriage or an unexpected child, this instances and many other reason lead students to abandon schooling. But the hardest problem is if the parents don't have the initiative or dream for their children to continue studying despite difficulty in life.

I know how hard this is, i personally experienced the life of a working student. Also about early marriage and an early child. But this doesn't stop me not to continue my study. I have a supportive family and a family that value education.

To all out of school inspired by Nola's story and to Aristotle's words.
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