Just Another Day In Saudi

They say time flies if your having fun, i say no, cuz time also flies if your on a routine. Yes the word is routine here in saudi. Back home (Philippine) i complain about the traffic and hassle of going to work, now i think i'm actually missing it, 'cuz the hassle adds a little twist to my daily file.

The routine of home-work-home is such a tedious way of living to most Pinoy, for me it's a privilege. I feel like in total composure. Why? Because here i don't feel the everyday hassle of going to work, i just walk a little less than 10 mins to my office. Even if the summer is extreme hot here i don't bother but actually enjoy it (come winter it's also extremely cold here but no snow). I have a mindset to enjoy what i have, i was brought up like that and that's what life is all about. Like in Pinoy saying: weather weather lang iyan.

Another peaceful feeling is the load of work, Philippine employer want multi-tasking staff. Employer give a person 3 job description (higher if possible) but they gets upset if 1 out of 100 task they ask failed. I recall my former boss said to me, though i made 99 good thing but fall short of 1 task, i'm still a failure (what are u god to tell employees like that). But here my job description is what i do everyday. (This make me do blogging from my free time - productive don't you think?). Life, if i have known how easy work here i should have decided to come here much earlier in my life. But i can't bring the past back, i'm lucky to made the decision to try my luck abroad. (tgi good)

Life is good, just be satisfied with what you have, but always watchful for more opportunity and strive for more good things in life, simple yet true and realistic. Kindly note that not all story of OFWs are like mine. There are also many bad experiences that our Kabayans go through...read the story of abscond expats who want to go home.

Kabayan your welcome to share your daily life as an expat, OFW or what ever they call us. Email your story to "kabayan_junction@yahoo.com". I'll publish your story, greetings or sentiments, (include your picture if you want).

Tell the world how you feel and what you think, express yourself Kabayan.
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