Tomorrow was Yesterday - High School LIfe

Reminiscing the first time we did anything on our own is a memory to cherish. For those like me high school life cuff unforgettably. Who would forget his/her first time independency. Free from our parents protective gasp. The first step of molding the youth's, good or bad, personality and attitude to equips us for life ahead.

Still fresh from my mind the first commute i took with a jeepney, my mother had to accompany to the main road and tell the driver where exactly to drop me. The first ride to the yellow Marikina bus (i don't know if they are still around). Funny that i had to balance myself (the bus was in motion) to get to the driver and give my fare only to be told that i had to pay the fare to the conductor. Amusing to recall this first simple experience but meaningful to recap as we mature.

This is the time we unknowingly experiment our feelings with our first "barkada" (dabarkads), first crush, first kiss, first "ligaw", first heartbreak (di pa applicable sa akin totoy pa ako nun eh) or to take the first "bawal" like first beer drink, first cigarette or first rumble. Good or bad this is the first to most of youngsters.

What's more unforgettable was the good life back then, no pressure from life's hardship (though many like me have financial difficulties). Life was as simple as kids growing up. "Nakakamiss'!

After almost two decades what happened? Where are the classmates we first trust and confide. I don't know about you but for me after bumping to a page in friendster (Roosevelt College Lamuan). I located some and are still back home in Marikina while other are OFW's or immigrants like me. Nice to see you again guys!

For those coming from the same alma mater batch of 92 please leave a comment and i'll be happy to link you to the friendster page specially for 4Mboni students.

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