Show The Power Of United Filipino

Yesterday i received a message at mybloglog community from Pedestrian Observer circulating to the Filipino bloggers to help a certain Melissa, an OFW in Saudi Arabia, that is being kept as a sex slave by her employer's pervert son. Her faith in the hands of her rapist only came into information when a concern kabayan, Leila Cabinon also an OFW , show authorities a copy of a video taken from a cellphone about Melissa's suffering in the hand of this arab sex maniac employer. I saw this news yesterday at ABS-CBN Bandila program. The scene was unbearable to watch as Melissa's hand was tied while his employer was doing his crime.

Our Vice President Noli de Castro ordered OWWA officials to find and rescue Melissa. The problem is how long can our authorities find her knowing coordinating with Saudi law enforcement takes time. Plus the fact that our embassy have limited muscle and resources when it comes to this matter. The time is of the essence knowing she is enduring this situation for so long.

As a concerned kabayan like Leila Cabinon let's do our share by helping our embassy to locate her. Lets ask ABS-CBN to publish the face of her abductor since the video show the arab man molesting her.

If you knew any person in the middle east specially in Saudi Arabia forward this post to them. And to other who have knowledge of any of our kabayan suffering Melissa's same faith. Report it! Lets work hand in hand and show the world the power of united Filipino.

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