Middle A Peaceful Place - An Ironic Truth

Since my childhood years i've heard stories of OFW's life in the Middle East. Stories about the luxury of life and the riches of this region, with it's high quality yet cheap gold jewelry and affordable banded appliances, including the vast reserves of oil resources. But amidst this luxury story they told, what catch my attention is the country's policy for crime offender. A tooth for a tooth policy. As a child i think that the Middle East is a peaceful country because of this severe penalty for criminals. But as i aged and the stories of Filipinos being maltreated and raped keep on and on almost every week in local news. I am asking how can this be happening to a country that promote praying 5 to 6 times a day (salah) and from people that believe/practice a month long penance (ramadan). Ironic isn't it!

How can this be? Let's get the answer from them. From the website of MiddleEastYouth this is posted on that forum. Posted by Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

The reason for my hatred of all things Muslim and Arab extends beyond the obvious. Anyone, anywhere, can decipher Arab behavior for what it is- a reflection and an example of a culture gone bad and a culture that has become morally incestuous. The impotence, ignorance and the indifference the entire Arab world is on display when it comes to dealing with their realities. The behavior is nothing short of a breathtaking view of what happens when even the most basic moralities are co opted by evil. With the help of self serving political and religious leaders, Islamic leaders have conveyed the notion that the situation Arabs find themselves in is because of, a) a 'weakness' in their faith and, b) because they are so superior by virtue of their faith, they have every right to impose at will whatever indignities they see fit at any time. They are victims and they can extract revenge as they see fit.

Now i experienced first hand the life of OFW in the middle east. As i observed when night time comes; in the Philippines parent tell their children to stay at home because their are ghost (multo) and "aswang" outside, Here long time OFWs tell newbies to stay at home (specially when it's school vacation) because there are many Arab bullies lurking. This is true, one time i accompany my officemate to Jarir (like a national book store here) we passed a street with arab kids on a SUV vehicle they were about to leave then they notice us coming they turned their vehicle then whistled at us saying "bakla" i want your A@&. This how they treat Pinoy "Suntukan na lang!".

On crossing the street; in the Philippine your should look to your left before crossing then to the right when you reached to the other side. Here you should look on both side 'cuz there are driver driving on reverse or on a counter flow at high speed on the same lane. Plus don't make the mistake of crossing the street when the vehicle is less than 20 meters 'cuz when they see pedestrians crossing they don't slow down but they hit the gas. Baligtad talaga ang utak nila!

When buying on the same store "suki" always make a price list of the same things you buy. For Asians when your a returning buyer (suki) the owner usually give a discount or a lower price (friendly price) here it's the opposite when your a returning buyer they might increase your price if your unaware. Ang kagandahan lang pag luko ka din, kasi bobo sila magsukli wag mo na ibalik. :-)

For newbies coming in. The good thing i observed about arabs is they don't discriminate how you look or how you dress. Even managers or business owners shake hands with employees even the low positions. The problem is if your a newbie this low position personel acts as manager (they call it modir). Feeling manager! Wag ka pasindak especially if you have the position. Know other personnel from other Pinoy officemate.

They speak with rage when explaining and conveying their thoughts. They tend to shout when explaining or even talking. Pinoys are calm person that we are used to talk smoothly and with lambing. But to them shouting is the way of conversation. Be used to this and still be calm. Just think they are castrated and the effect is them shouting. Kawawa di ba?

Yet this things happen and many arabs specially the youth don't respect their religion and lacks proper hospitality and goodness, there are now few civilized arabs that share a good personality and mentality specially those that are raised by Pinay babysitter (yaya). The best thing is to stay focus of the reason why your here in the middle east to earn a living back home. Set yourself to be more aware and as much as possible enjoy the comfort of your home and stay away from illegal vices.

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