What The? (This is not a good sight to see!)

Love is blind and age doesn't matter! These are the common expression of young people about love. Do you agree? :yawn: Ok, but what if heard a 90 years old man and marrying a 15 year old wife, is it still applicable? Yuk!

I read this article at the back page of sideline in Arab News (today's issue -17/July/07) about this strange couple. Even the writer's impression of this news is shocking. They titled it "90-Year-Old Man Gives Us All the Creeps" and the last words of the writer is "which many of us might simply want to stop thinking about this story." read the full news here.

Who here think that love is the reason of this marriage. Any woman rights here reading (comment please) or this is just another story of inequality of sexes. Lack of woman's right to choose freely who ever she wants to marry.

Reading this story makes me think one reason why women here have to cover their faces, to avoid humiliation and shame. :sorry: Who won't feel this way? If it happen in the Philippines, even the girls parents will cover their faces.

"Baluktot ang utak" meron bang utak or wla! :D

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