What If Filipinos Dominate The World?

Good News Pilipinas (GNP) contributor Fr. Jess E. Briones wrote "A day without Filipinos". He imagine a day in the world without Pinoy "to be a quieter place". "Homes would be chaotic...no more housekeepers, nannies, caregivers, hospitals staff, nurse and caregiver". Industry will suffer...no more industrious staff to do many task and function. (view the complete post here) It's good to think that the world would not be a better place to live without a Filipino even just for a day. Hay! :sigh:

While reading about this makes me think "what if Filipino dominate the World?". Imagine the world turned, Philippine is the developed country. Say the Philippine (not middle east) have the huge oil reserved, have the latest technology (not Japan, Korea, Britain or America). Imagine foreign citizen in queue applying for a working visa or migrating. Will the world be a better world that it is now?

As a Filipinos, we are known for our hospitality and extended family living. Resourcefulness and industrious nature. Relax and funny attitude. With this can we say that the world would be bless with laughter and loving place to live. :sleep:

Note: the advice of other international agency about Philippines security is not true, ask the foreigner who have stayed in the Philippines. How come they return and wants to stay or become Filipinos)

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