Kabayan Junction List of Top 10 Influencial Blog for 2007

Web 2 + HTML + CSS + Widgets (round them up) = Blog. Year 2007 is the year for Blogs. Blog wins over ordinary website for search engine. That's a fact. (Wala lang!) :hilo:

Anyway, Kabayan Junction yesterday is officially 4 months old. Another month of positive increase in Page view, unique visitors, Alexa page rank and lots of Kabayan readers. (Thank you!:puppyeyes:). Thank also to Lestat of OFW Life (not bias cuz he is my friend :anongnangyari:) for including Kabayan Junction on his list (No. 10 - Kahit sabit ok na din :-)

This is a timely good news that Kabayan Junction is nomination to Janet's Reflective Thinking challenge: "The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007". (though i'm not in the official list yet). Aside from getting nominated this is also my first time to join a contest. Take now note it's not because Janet is giving away $100 to 10 lucky bloggers who participated the writing project that i join but i'm up the challenge (charing:blush:).

Good thing that since i started Kabayan Junction last March 11, 2007 i list down sites i regularly visit and admire. These sites are for Pinoys interested in news, business and latest about the net. Here are my Top 10 list:
  1. Entrepinoys
  2. Allfranchise
  3. OFW Life
  4. AnitoKid
  5. Andianka
  6. Pedestrian Observer
  7. Manilenya
  8. Untwisted Vortex
  9. Pinoyblogero
  10. Carlocab
Hurry the is list complete! More power to Pinoy bloggers! Hope i won't be a snub if i win in this contest. :sobrakana:

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