The Ghost of Ellen Meriam Go Adarna

These are the most wonderful picture she published. What an innocent face! Enough reason to say that Filipina's have the most beautiful faces..even though they say she is from a Spanish and Chinese parents. It still won't restrict the fact that she is from the Philippine and that makes her a Filipina.

Last month i created a post on how to be famous the Ellen Adarna way (or Ellen Meriam Go Adarna). I never thought that aside from her face, that captured many critics and admirer, her name would also bring many search engine searches. Since i posted her name..the word/name Ellen Adarna is in my daily stat reports. Worst her name is second on top of my unique word hit.This is bad, cuz Kabayan Junction is not intended for her fans. After i month the name Ellen Adarna is like a ghost that's hunting me. :hilo:

Anyway to help her admirer find her please go to her freewebs account Just be yourself. For the guys who want to meet her, she has a contest entitled "Your the Man!". She will personally choose the 10 lucky guys to become Guys for the month. See her instruction for details.

But before you read and submit your picture to her contest watch Ellen Adarna slide show title Pribading Gilid (rap music). Her pictures here are a bit adult rated.

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