Is It The Dog or The Man

A tragic news from Manila Bulletin about a Pitbull that killed it's owner; an old woman and injuring a 2 year old the full story here.

Sad to hear what happened...i'm concerned because i own a pitbull myself. A 3 year old female brown with white bindle fighting bread of pitbull. I'm a dog lover but this is the first dog i actually raised. I already owned an askals and mongrels before but they don't survived. This is why his dog is special for me and my three sons. I purchased this dog as a puppy cuz i wanted to teach my sons how to care for animals and also as a guard dog. But pitbull is not a guard dog..well this how many people view this kind of bread. Because many pitbull owners engage them to dog fights. This is why this pitbull bread is feared by people plus the pitbull's myth of locking jaws and bullets bounce right off them. LOL This is not true read report about the pitbull myths.

Reason why i will choose pitbull over other bread (from The Pit Bull is described as being reliable, hard-working, people loving, and multi-talented. The Pit Bull's intelligence, trainability and pleasant nature, make him an ideal candidate for therapy work with people. id you know Pit Bulls have a strong desire to please their owners. Pit Bulls also require minimal grooming. In fact, all they need is five minutes a day.

Pitbull like other dog is man's best friend, we just have to care for them as we want them to care for us. Not just pitbull bread is dangerous; other sports-bread dog like Rottweiler, German Sheperd, Doberman and other wild dogs. What is important is we consider them as part of the family to care and be cared.

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