How Not to Make a Million Dollar Online

Snøskred of Life in the country catch my attention for how she made $5 million on-line in a year. My instant reaction was how did she do that. The post was interesting, instead of tacking how she made millions on-line, her post was the opposite. She talked how not to make money on-line, with good examples how to avoid on-line scams.

If your familiar with internet you've already heard this popular online scams 419 Scam or Nigeria Scam (if not read this post for other internet scams). But do you know how scammer do their dark plan. Snøskred with her scam check baiting teaches how scammer lure their victims by using checks. Due to different policy about clearing checks, scammer take advantage of peoples unawareness.

May i quote Snorked as she detailed things you may not know about checks. She said:

"When banks say a check has "cleared" they simply mean the funds are available to you. The funds being made available is no guarantee of the check being good.A check can bounce up to a *year* after you bank it. Seriously! The funds are available to you because in many countries (e.g. the USA, Australia and others) the funds have to be made available by law, however if it turns out to be counterfeit or stolen or the issuer does not have sufficient funds in their account the bank will quickly make the funds unavailable to you. If you have spent the funds, they will put you into the minus - and charge you for that as well, usually. If you did bank a fake or stolen check at first it would seem to clear, the funds would be there for you to withdraw and spend."

To know her complete post here.

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