OFW Key to Philipppine Economy

Everybody hates GMA, :galit: that's politics and that's a fact. Once a friend told me that politic is like looking at a mirror, it has two view. The one side that benefit their interest and the other that's deprived (that's what they all say). This the reality of how life at politics works. A mans will allow you deprive of his right but he will kill for his interest. Amid this murmuring the question is what can we do! :ha?: One thing i learned in my 30 year life is to work for my own. Government is like a parent serving it's children, while others are favored, others are left unnoticed. And as a good child though unnoticed we should still respect our parents. In doing so we could help them (government) help us (Filipinos).

This is the vision of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for OFWs as she urged the Filipino community in this East Asian nation to invest in real state, the stock market, government bonds and treasury bills, and other small and medium enterprises back home to help the government sustain the country’s economic growth...read the full story

It's the attitude that will help us reach our purpose and our dream. Change your attitude to change your future. :wave:

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