Living a Life of Fraction

Top of the list is talk show queen Oprah Winfrey. Among her 2007 Forbes survey top list is her yearly position as the richest women celebrity with an estimated value of $1.5 billion. Wow that's a lot of tens if your a boxing referee and much harder count if your a wrestling referee :-)

Forbes computed her to earn a whopping $4+0.00/minute. As i watch the count down i felt like living a life of fraction from her. Her minute's earning is my whole month work. Who does not feel this kind of despair.

It feels like measuring the height of Eiffel tower using a toothpick. How about delivering a pizza to the penthouse of Thailand 101 Building using the stairs. Or riding the donkey instead of the train. I could think of more thing, but this anguish is just for a moment cuz i know her work and devotion in giving back the blessing she have. (Just hope Paris, Britney and Lindsay won't throw their fortune for a glass of vodka :-)

I know the phrase that when it rain it pours. I know someday my rain would come and when it does i'll make sure that others will shower along with me.

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