Weird English Place-name

The frequently stolen traffic sign, at the entrance to the village of Fucking, Austria.

Ever wonder how places got it's name, one named for the king (King Philip II of Spain) is the Philippines and most of the places here was named by Portuguese / Spaniard. All places have historical origins, but there are place-names that are weird, funny and not appealing to it's English meaning. Though this places have no etymological connection to the meaning in English.

Among the places that top the list of weird English names starting from kind words like:

Kissing in Germany, Cool in California, Beclean in Romania, Good in West Virginia-USA, Nice in Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azure, Smile in Kentucky and the word Paradise in USA States (California, Michigan, Kansas, Kentucky, Montana, Texas, Utah, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Washington) also in England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

To awful words such as:

Bitche, Die and Pussy in France (also Condom in Gers-France), Fake in Nigeria, Fucking and Kicking in Austria, Intercourse in Pennsylvania, Dick in Mozambique, Dildo in Newfoundland, Middelfart in Denmark, Rectum in Netherlands, Rottenegg and Worm in Germany, Kinki in Japan and Sexmoan in the Philippines.

Other name that might mislead unfamiliar people is town places like America in Netherlands (spelled Amerika in Dutch) or Canada in Kentucky and California in Pennsylvania. How about heavenly bodies name like Mars and Moon Township in Pennsylvania and Mercury in Nevada.

If your wondering how earth balance it's smart people to it's opposite morons. If you encounter such people just bear in mind they might came from four places :) Moron in Sweden, Mongolia, Argentina, and Cuba. I'm just kidding you about this one, but Moron are real weird English Place-name of that four country. Since earth has a balance of good and bad; if a place is named Paradise the opposite can also be found. Yes, Hell is also on Earth, there are 3 place named Hell. One in Grand Cayman, in Michigan and Norway.

A famous cartoon super hero; Batman who we come to know is in Gotham city is really a place in Turkey. Batman is a province in Turkey and they also have Batman River =)

To see the complete list of place names with weird english meaning check out Wikipedia's link.
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