The oldest profession is illegal

Prostitution is the oldest profession and up to now is still illegal, even though every governments make all effort to solve (if not eliminate) this problem. Still the demand for such service is high this is the reason the supply (prostitutes) are every where. Other open country legalize this human trade still these are issues for both sexes. Who is the victim and culprit. takes note that:

"Prostitution is currently legal in virtually all developed nations, though often surrounded by restrictions and regulations. It is illegal everywhere in the United States except Nevada and, by a legal quirk, in Rhode Island if all transactions are conducted in a private residence.

Yet prostitution is perhaps the ultimate victimless crime: a consensual transaction in which both parties are supposedly committing a crime, and the person most likely to be charged—the one selling sex—is also the one most likely to be viewed as the victim. (A bizarre inversion of this situation occurs in Sweden, where, as a result of feminist pressure to treat prostitutes as victims, it is now a crime to pay for sex but not to offer it for sale.) It is sometimes claimed that the true victims of prostitution are the johns' wives. But surely women whose husbands are involved in noncommercial—and sometimes quite expensive—extramarital affairs are no less victimized.

Another common claim is that prostitution causes direct harm by contributing to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS. However, that may be the reddest herring of them all. In Australia, where sex for money is legal, the rate of HIV infection among female prostitutes is so low that prostitution has been removed from the list of known risk factors in HIV surveillance. In the U.S., reliable data are more difficult to come by, but a 1987 Centers for Disease Control study likewise found very low infection rates among prostitutes".
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In developing countries people do this for a living, just to put food on the table. Many patron of this trade reason that both party agree to do the deal of money for flesh they're not committing any wrong doing. Yet this think gives way to other problems that is link to prostitution.

Now where do we stand? I don't!
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