Peaceful OFW LIfe

After another high profile crime committed by foreign worker or expat worker, Pinoy expat working and living in this part of the middle east can't help but be compare to other nationality.

But how are we OFWs differ? One thing is sure, the feeling of ease of being a Filipino is felt once more by many of our Kabayan. Life as an OFW is peaceful once more.

Personally i've only experience it again just recently after almost two years of my stay. The first was when i arrived at the airport (first timer eh) the immigration attendant ask if my nationality is a chinese (chinito kasi) i said Filipino, he stamped entrance to my passport right away, unlike the other nationality queued behind. The recent is from ordinary locals that i came long with to the elevators or taxi, telling Filipino kuwais or very good with their hand signing very good (thumbs up).

This only means that Filipinos amidst difficulties and discrimination can still battle their own demon and think straight not with retaliation but with a peaceful perspective. This is true for general Pinoy populace though we can't deny some isolated cases of Pinoy eaten by anger. Who can blame them, no one is perfect! Plus be aware of the Pinoy term for tolerance "pacensya" is also the same term for regretful.

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